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I started blogging in 2020 at dev.to, and here you can find all the blog posts I published ever since. Now I mainly post on my own blog (this one), but I still cross-post to other blogging platforms.

I built a chat app using React and GraphQL

How I went from zero experience in web development, to cloning Facebook Messenger and building a full-fledged chat app

 - 13 minutes read • - views

Step up your Redux game with Typescript

Learn how to make your Redux strongly typed, so you can benefit from code completion, and all the other good stuff that comes with Typescript's type system

 - 17 minutes read • - views

The Repository pattern with Typescript

Repositories are used to encapsulate the logic used to access data sources. Learn more about this concept, and how to implement the it using Typescript

 - 10 minutes read • - views

Build a gallery app using Flutter

How to build a gallery app using Flutter, to display all the photos and videos on your phone.

 - 11 minutes read • - views